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To nice Gröger

Beautician · Author · Make-up artist

With Annett Gröger, customers choose one of the most demanding beauticians in Germany. To put it in the words of laudator Mirja Du Mont, who presented Annett Gröger with the German “Gloria” cosmetics award: “This beautician is always different. It continues to develop, it never stops and goes its own way. "

How much this applies to Annett Gröger can be understood if you follow her path from Dresden, where she opened her first cosmetics institute at the age of 21, via Düsseldorf's Königsallee to Munich, before the focus of her activities in 2021 brought to Feldkirchen on their own premises. In the Bavarian capital she was represented from 1998 directly on Marienplatz in Munich's most traditional perfumery, where she was able to deepen her passion for high-quality cosmetics and the best treatment concepts. Years of practical experience with the crème de la crème of international cosmetics brands led Annett Gröger to her next dearest wish: her own premises and her own product line with effective cosmetics. In this way, she wants to reconcile the growing demands of her customers with her own high standards of contemporary care:

“In the beauty industry, too, technological progress is progressing faster and faster. It is my wish that customers receive care whose quality and ingredients they can trust over the long term. "

Annett Gröger knows what she's talking about. Your profound professional training includes stations in the dermatology clinic of the University of Dresden and in the outpatient dermatological practice. Even as a young talent, at that time still in the GDR, she demonstrated her skills at championships and always came out on top. The Munich resident of choice also has training as a make-up artist, lash stylist, (Shiatsu) acupressure, lymphatic drainage, wellness massages, beauty treatments with laser, mesoporation, endermology, ultrasound, face filling as well as microdermabrasion and microneedling.

Always on the lookout for new methods and findings in her branch of science and research, Annett Gröger launched her own nutricosmetic line in 2015 with “Beauty2eat” - she is convinced that beauty and well-being is also a question of the internal supply of nutrients . Here, as in her cosmetics institute, her top priority is not to compromise on quality and performance.

“A good beautician doesn't just have to be professionally trained. She must be able to empathize with the customer, create a soothing, relaxing atmosphere and, above all, choose the right treatment and effective products. For me, cosmetic beauty wellness means: using the right products with the best treatments while experiencing relaxation ",

says Annett Gröger.

Annett Gröger's Munich cosmetics institute was recognized by the industry in 2011 for the best individual concept in Germany. Several times she qualified for the finals at German and international championships in eyelash design and achieved top placements. In 2014 she received the German Cosmetics Prize as the best German beautician in the perfumery / cabin category. It is repeatedly tested and awarded by a jury of experts and by International Service Check. In the spring of 2016, Annett Gröger's Munich Institute received the “Derma Beauty Star” in the Premium Class with 5 stars, which she rated “1. Institute for Dermacosmetics in Munich "certified. In 2017 she was again honored by a jury of experts and with the title of “Germany's best beautician” can count herself among the best.

In the meantime, Annett Gröger has also published an elaborately designed cosmetics guide entitled “Your skin will embrace you for a lifetime” and has developed her own active ingredient cosmetics called “Beyoutiful”.


1991 - Manual lymphatic drainage

1991 - color and style consultant

1993 - Maria Galland "Masque Modellant"

1995 - Maria Galland "Therapy Cocon"

1996 - make-up artist

1998 - la prairie "The Art of Beauty"

1998 - Shiatsu and acupressure training

1998 - Treatment training "Jeanne Piaubert Method"

1998 - Carita treatment treatments

2001 - laser depilation

2002 - Sisley Phytoaromatherapist

2005 - la mer "Experience cabin treatment concept"

2005 - Cellcosmed treatment training

2005 - Herbal Siam herbal stamp massage

2005 - Microdermabrasion and ultrasound applications

2007 - Lash stylist

2007 - Beauty biotechnology treatments with laser

2008 - Xtremelashes professional seminar for lash stylists

2009 - Treatment treatments md skincare® by Dr. Dennis Gross

2009 - Fragrance training "Studio des Fragrances" by Galimard in Grasse

2009 - Snowberry natural cosmetics treatment training

2010 - Treatment treatment Cellex-C

2010 - Menard treatment training

2010 - Shellac manicure with scratch-resistant nail polish

2011 - Bakel- Beauty Technology "zero additives, 100% active ingredients"

2011 - Peter Thomas Roth treatment treatments

2011 - Mesodermistin - Mesoporation in Cosmetics

2011 - Endermologie - cell and tissue stimulation

2012 - Myscara® - Lash - Design

2012 - Medical Beauty - aesthetic trends of the next century

2013 - Cinetic Lift Expert - high-tech treatment

2013 - drainage and in-form cellulite treatment

2013 - A4 Cosmetics - The beauty system with the 4 pillars

2013 - Julisis - skin care in the natural biorhythm of our skin

2014 - Viplashes- eyebrow thickening and optimization

2016 - Dr. Perricone MD - Cosmoceutical Treatment

2016 - Intra Derm Face Filling

2016 - Medical Beauty - Professional cosmetics meet aesthetic medicine

2017 - Aesthetic micro-needling

2017 - Medical-Beauty - knowledge exchange of dermatology and dermocosmetics

2018 - Rivoli - Swiss cutting edge technology to make you feel good

2018 - Colbert ™ Triad Beauty Program

2018 - Omorovicza - The beauty secret from Budapest

2019 - Dr. Barbara Sturm - Molecular Cosmetics

2020 - onetec® - removal of cosmetic problem areas

2020 - fourtec® - anti-aging technologies

2020 - Treatment with cosmeceuticals on the border with medicine

2021 - Training oncology - beautician

2021 - Training as a balance oncology consultant


1988 - 1st place in the performance comparison of the cosmetics apprentices, Dresden

1989 - 2nd place in the district championships for hairdressers and beauticians, Dresden

1990 - 10th place in the GDR championships for hairdressers and beauticians

2010 - Cosmetic Institute of the Year, 6th place

2011 - Cosmetic institute of the year - special award for individual concepts

2013 - 1st German Lashes Trophy

2014 - 1st place Gloria - German Cosmetics Prize Perfumery / Cabin

2014 - 2nd International German Lashes Trophy

2016 - 1st derma cosmetic institute in Munich

2016 - Institute of the Month September of the "Beauty Forum" magazine

2016 - 4th International Lashes Trophy

2017 - Germany's Best Beautician 2017, Category Specialized Institute, 2nd place

Book publication

2019 - Cosmetic book "Your skin will hug you for a lifetime" - What you should know about its care

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