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Deutschlands beste Kosmetikerin Auszeichnung

Germany's Best Beautician 2017 Category Specialized Institute, 2nd place

Outstanding services and special customer service, that's what Annett Gröger was honored for. She has an individual concept for her institute and is very successful with it: She offers high-quality luxury facial treatments on 10 square meters at an exclusive location in Germany.

It should be perfect, Annett Gröger is committed to this motto. The award is a logical consequence of the high demands that the award winner places on herself and her work. This is also reflected in their high quality range, excellent advice and top quality treatments. 08/15 - There are no treatments with her. Each customer receives a tailor-made program, tailored to their respective needs and wishes. Your job is not just your profession, it's a passion.

"For my customers, I like to invest a lot of love and effort in the most beautiful job in the world," says Annett Gröger.

To be one of the best beauticians in Germany is a special honor for her and shows her where she stands. In this case, there can be no question of "standing", because she is a beautician who is constantly developing, she never stops and goes her own way.

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