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onkologische Kosmetik für Krebspatienten

beyoutiful - For the love of the skin

Our skin accompanies us like a tailor-made dress for a lifetime. Like a protective shell, it shields our inside from harmful influences - but with increasing age and increasing external challenges, it needs our support. When was the last time you consciously perceived the signals your skin was sending you? It is worth it to receive only the best of care from you and to be lovingly cared for. Beyoutiful helps you to realize the dream of radiant, optimally cared for skin.

What nourishes your skin so that it shines youthfully, fresh and healthy? When it comes to individual care, Beyoutiful's credo is: Only selected, modern ingredients that bring out the benefits of your skin are used. For this you individually choose the products that optimally care for your skin, protect it and supply it with all the nutrients that you personally need. Revolutionize your daily care program and make it your pampering appointment! Look forward to the new feel-good ritual for your skin and visible results - without unnecessary packaging and put together according to your wishes.


Ingredients that work deeply are what make beyoutiful so special

With Beyoutiful, an exclusive care line made in Germany has been developed that goes "under the skin": proven to be deeply effective, the products transport the nourishing ingredients to where the skin needs them. Beyoutiful fits perfectly with the lifestyle of customers who have no time for superficialities, but who expect their care to be effective and effective and to deliver visible results.

Beyoutiful products meet the high demands of modern active ingredient cosmetics. What does this mean in daily use? Its structure is broken down in such a way that it is chemically and physically similar to the membrane structure of the human skin barrier. Ingredients are funneled into the deep layers of the skin. Where other cosmetics just lay on the skin like a film and superficially make the skin feel deceptively good, active ingredient care demonstrably supports the skin in its functionality. Even more: Beyoutiful is so progressive that the products adapt to the daily changing, individual skin needs. What is innovative is the high concentrations of clinically proven active ingredients and how they are combined with one another. It is important for the professional development team around Annett Gröger that Beyoutiful integrates patented active ingredient formulas, but at the same time relies on the treasures from nature. Examples include gentle aloe vera, exclusive vegetable oils from prickly pear, kahai, moringa and grape seeds, as well as edelweiss, vitamins and 24-carat gold.

Beyoutiful is clean and moves with the times

As a certified and multiple award-winning beautician with decades of experience, Beyoutiful founder Annett Gröger is “close” to the wishes of customers. She therefore knows that more and more consumers are skeptical of ingredients and the way products are manufactured. You don't just want to make compromises when it comes to nutrition, but also when it comes to skin care, and you value environmental protection and health.

Beyoutiful is convinced that the chemical substances often used in conventional cosmetics have no place in skin care. It starts with shorter, uncomplicated content formulas and purer ingredients. Modern, biotechnological processes manage to extract a maximum of active ingredients of extraordinary quality from plants, even without chemicals. It goes without saying that these are dermatologically tested at Beyoutiful. Animal experiments are not accepted. The nice thing about it: Despite the principle “less is more”, Beyoutiful pampers your skin in a luxurious, spectacular way - innovation meets sustainability.

Beyoutiful comes to the customer sustainably

More and more customers want to concentrate on the essentials in their life. The trend is towards a lifestyle that deliberately sorts out the unnecessary and leaves more space for the beautiful and natural. For example, we find it pleasant not to be greeted with a confusing number of different products in the bathroom in the morning. Instead, we want a small but fine selection of carefully selected care products that harmonize perfectly with one another and adapt to our needs anew every day. They do not harm the environment or the space in the closet.

Beyoutiful, for example, deliberately uses donors. On the one hand, unnecessary preservatives can be avoided, and on the other hand, plastic spatulas are no longer necessary. There is no unnecessary outer packaging. Customers put together their own personal care package that comes to them at home in a single package.

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