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Annett Gröger Kosmetikinstitut München

Derma Beauty Star

5 stars for beauty

Annett Gröger received the Derma Beauty Star in 2016 and is not only one of the best cosmetic institutes in Germany, but also qualifies for the 1st specialist institute for derma cosmetics in Munich.

Dermacosmetics are a highly effective combination of apparatus-based cosmetics and the use of active ingredient cosmetics with the aim of an immediately visible and lasting improvement in the complexion of the skin.

For many years, Annett Gröger has been offering innovative treatment methods in the derma cosmetics sector. This includes the laser, microdermabrasion, mesoporation, electro-muscular stimulation and the use of ultrasound for daily use.

Every treatment is preceded by a professional skin analysis with the Dermascope, which measures skin moisture, sebum production, elasticity, cornification and pigmentation. The camera can not only look into the skin, but also into the skin and deficits are displayed extremely precisely.

This means that you can see very precisely what the skin needs and the treatment and home care are precisely tailored to the needs of the skin.

Nutricosmetic is a new, very important and revolutionary approach in cosmetics that Annett Gröger brings her customers closer to. With it you have the opportunity to support and strengthen the skin from the inside, since care products from the outside cannot and should not penetrate all skin layers, it is advisable and has also been scientifically proven that the condition of the skin can be significantly improved from the inside.

Annett Gröger has learned the basics of beauty treatment in combination with well-founded, clinical-dermatological knowledge and nutrition. When it comes to beauty, vitality and health, a holistic approach is important to her. In their opinion, this is the only way to achieve the desired success.

The judges were won over by the coherent overall concept and the specialization in technical treatments in combination with highly efficient active ingredient cosmetics with the aim of healthy, beautiful skin through rapid, visible and lasting improvement in the complexion. Annett Gröger was awarded the “Derma Beauty Star” and the classification “Premium Class - 5 Stars”.

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