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Thanks to the finest microfibres, wash pads are particularly gentle on the skin and very absorbent. They clean with a minimum of cleaning products, which makes them very economical to use, are reusable and therefore extremely environmentally friendly. They are gentle on the skin and gentle on the environment!

The wash pad is ideal for cleaning the face, including the particularly sensitive area around the eyes.


The best way to activate the effect of the special microfibers is to moisten the microfiber make-up removal pads with warm water. The wash pad is washable up to 95 ° C, dimensionally stable and reusable.


88% microfiber, 12% viscose, (OEKO-TEX® certification)

Wash pad

VAT Included |

    beyoutiful - Mikrofaser revolutioniert das Reinigungsritual


    Inhalt: 1 Pad Maxi + 1 Pad Mini


    inklusive gesetzlicher Mehrwertsteuer

  • 88 % Mikrofaser, 12 % Viskose, (OEKO-TEX® Zertifizierung)

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