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Your skin will hug you for a lifetime

This book is dedicated to your skin and it starts with a promise: Nobody will ever hug you as intensely and, above all, for life as they do. Who else can give you this promise and keep it?
Your skin is therefore worth treating, caring for and loving care for. Far too often we do not even notice the detailed signals our skin is sending us. We take it for granted that it is there and envelops us protectively. Perhaps only react when we are dissatisfied with it: for example, when pimples appear, it itches or burns. We conceal, cream, moisturize and cover our skin. She lets our care procedures, sunbathing and beauty rituals endure more or less patiently, as well as our vices and passions.
An attractive appearance is not only a question of care, but also of nutrition, the supply of important nutrients, the inner attitude and our way of life. So there is a lot you can do for your skin. This book can be a reference work for many of your questions. Use it like a travel guide to accompany you and provide you with answers when you need it. It is an exciting journey that you embark on and it will last a lifetime, which journey does that offer you?

Cosmetics guide

VAT Included |
  • Cosmetic guide

    • Hardcover: 280 pages
    • Publisher: Groeger Beauty GmbH (Nova MD)
    • Edition: First edition (October 18, 2019)
    • Language: German
    • ISBN-10: 3964435147
    • ISBN-13: 978-3964435149
    • including statutory VAT

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